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Brian Wilson is host of Nashville’s Morning News on SuperTalk 997 WTN. 

With Texas roots that make him just a wee bit ornery — and 31 years of reporting and broadcasting experience in the nation’s capitol — Brian brings a unique perspective to the events of the day. As he likes to say, "I take the news seriously … but not myself.” 

Brian joined WTN in January of 2018 after taking a sabbatical from decades of covering Washington, DC. For those who don’t know, the term “taking a sabbatical” is code language used by broadcasters when they are run out of town on a rail. But that’s not important right now. 

After months of literally sitting on a beach in the Florida Panhandle and gazing at his navel, Brian was summoned to Nashville, Tennessee to "fill in" when a vacancy opened up on the station’s morning show. Truth is, the station brass have not figured out a way to get rid of him. Said one station executive, “We kept changing the locks, but he never got the message."

As as life-long Country Music fan, Brian has adopted Music City as his new home. Before arriving in Nashville, he fancied himself a decent guitarist. He has since been disabused of that notion.

“Nashville has everything a morning show host could want,” Wilson said. "We have culture, hot chicken and a series of mayors who have been easy to mock.”

Brian’s work day begins at the ungodly hour of 3AM. Using a proprietary algorithm, he scans the world for stories of interests and then organizes the information into a powerful amalgam of news that starts at 5AM and continues until he falls into an exhausted heap at 9:01AM. 

An avid napper, Brian spends his spare time contemplating the mysteries of the universe and organizing his socks.

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