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It Begins!

In this current environment in which conservative thought seems to be under attack, I decided to launch this very modest website so no matter what ... we'll be able to stay in touch. This is new territory for me,

so there will be a learning curve. Please be patient as the bugs are exterminated. New features will be added over time.

I am always being asked for the stories I reference. So every day after the show I will try to update the links sections so that you may read more deeply. I encourage you to do that. I try to pull from sources of information that I trust and from reporters who have good reputations. In an era where there there is so much crazy, unverified stuff masquerading as news, I hope this list will be come a daily resource for you.

And I want you to know that I do not necessarily agree with every single word of the stories I post. I even on occasion pull tidbits from stories written by (gasp!) MSM outlets. The nuggets an be useful if framed in the proper context, which is what I try do do every day.

So here we go.

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